Will Your Online Business Be Ruined By A Bad Web Host

Choosing the wrong web hosting service can be the kiss of death for your online business. And the fact that there are so many different choices out there online these days means that the consumer is in the best possible position. What makes you think that anyone will buy from you if they perceive your site to be amateurish? Continue reading Will Your Online Business Be Ruined By A Bad Web Host

Why It Is So Important To Make Sure That Your Data Is Properly Backed Up By Your Web Hosting Provider

You could face big problems in the future if your web hosting provider is not backing up your data properly. Everyone knows that it is possible for every web server to run into problems now and again and even the best of them can crash. This could result in your website suffering big problems if your data is not backed up. Continue reading Why It Is So Important To Make Sure That Your Data Is Properly Backed Up By Your Web Hosting Provider

Choose A Web Host That You Can Rely On

Costs have fallen for web hosting companies over the past decade, and the prices webmasters pay them for hosting their websites have been reduced accordingly. You can now host your website on the Internet for just a few dollars a month, which is a great deal.However, you should not base your decision on which web hosting service to sign-up for on price alone. Up-time (i.e. Continue reading Choose A Web Host That You Can Rely On

The Workings Of A Web Hosts Server Explained?

Many people just take web hosting for granted. They find something that works for them and they never really pay it any more attention after this. The only thing they need to think about is the fact that others can find their website after the web host has placed it on the web. Continue reading The Workings Of A Web Hosts Server Explained?

Government In UK Is Offering Free Web Hosting

Because the UK government is so sure that ecommerce will be of huge benefit to the country’s success in the future, they are trying to help thousands of new small businesses to get up on the web. They are hoping to get many of these new small businesses set up with a website online by offering them free domain names and free web hosting services.

The number of businesses in the UK that do not have any website online is over one million at the moment. Continue reading Government In UK Is Offering Free Web Hosting

6 Nice Causes to Avoid Free Webhosting And Search For A Reliable Web Hosting

When it involves to webhosting, there are many choices on hand. Therefore, several alternatives to decide on from, free web hosting, cheap web hosting, or even enterprise web hosting, you may be tempted to consider one in all the many free hosting providers out there. But, there are some common bad issues related to that approach which will end up costing you and your business a heap of money down the road. So, it is necessary to grasp what these red flags are, therefore you’ll stay away from them.

Here are 6 great reasons to stay away from free webhosting:

1. Bad Customer Service. Certainly one of the main issues with free hosting services is that they offer very little to zilch within the approach of customer support. If there is a drawback together with your site, you’ll have a very onerous time contacting anybody to help resolve it. Every minute your website is down comprises an enormous opportunity value in terms of frustrated customers and lost sales. It is very obvious that customers support of a paid web service, even a cheap web hosting one is way better than a free of charge hosting.

2. Overcrowded Servers. This leads to slow load time for pages and amplified downtime for your web site. Of course, each of these problems can have a heavy damaging effect on the growth and effectiveness of your business. On the other hand if you are using a quality web hosting, you will discover excelent performance servers.

3. Lack of Portability. When you pay to register and host your own domain, you’ve got the choice to transfer it. With free webhosting services, this is often usually not the case. So, if you pay a year or 2 building up your website and driving traffic to it before realizing how useful it would be to own your own domain name, your onerous work may be out the window.

4. Limited Features. Free hosts usually provide a limited range of services. This lack of flexibility will badly delay your ability to perform and grow up your business online. As an example, if you select a free service, you will have limited or no access to email, FTP accounts, content management systems or ecommerce options.

5. Banner Ads. The main cause these services are free is as a result of you agree to allow banner ads on your site. So you invest the time, money and energy into driving traffic to your website and therefore the free web hosting provider profits by directing that traffic away from you. Evidently not the most effective way to create a successful, continuing business.

6. Lost Credibility. Your website can usually be the primary impression your possible customers have of your business. With free hosting, you may be stuck with a very long domain. A long website name like this is an immediate signal to your prospects that your business continues to be within the small leagues. It is terribly troublesome to create faith and credibility when your internet presence seems to be fly-by-night.

Based on this list, you’ll observe that “you get what you purchase” with free hosting services. As an alternative, take into account quality hosting an vital investment into your business – one that will still yield positive results for your business long into the future.

HostReview Awarded 3Tera the 2009 Best SaaS Provider and Best Cloud Computing Service

HostReview Awarded 3Tera the 2009 Best SaaS Provider and Best Cloud Computing Service
The Best Web Hosting Awards are based on the overall product offering, value, customer service and users’ reviews of the selected companies. Winners were at the forefront of technological innovation and exemplary customer service in the previous year and are the companies to look at in 2010. Since 2006, the HostReview Annual Web Hosting Awards have grown to be one of the most prestigious hosting awards of its kind. The categories for the annual awards are updated every year, in order to reflect the changing technological and business landscape.

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Census Mulls Counting On The Cloud
Though census planning is a 10-year effort, the actual census takes place over only a few months. The Census Bureau is in the early stages of hiring and fingerprinting some 1.4 million temporary workers, establishing 500 temporary census offices, and leveraging 170,000 partners — from Home Depot to small churches — that will become local voices of census evangelism.

Understanding cloud compliance issues
Virtually every regulation requires organizations to adequately protect their physical and informational assets. To do this, there is an implied or assumed ability to control and prove.

Cloud Dedicated servers for affordable high security web hosting
Our dedicated servers are the perfect solution for your important websites. The large amount of technology and services that have been implemented into our dedicated servers ensure that you have the highest performance & reliability all within an affordable rate.

MOps Helps Web Hosts Build Cloud Hosting Platforms
For smaller hosts, or those late to start designing cloud solutions, a few reseller options have emerged, but there are ways to build your own cloud without developing the platform itself.

Cloud Hosting Provider, Cloud.bg Launched A New European Cloud Service

Cloud.bg, A New European Cloud Hosting Provider Launched
Cloud.bg operates its own fully redundant network which uses Internet connectivity providers such as Interoute, Cogent plus few other international and local providers of premium bandwidth. The cloud hosting service of the company features 100 GB of space in a storage area network, 1,000 GB data transfer per month and allows site owners to host up to 100 personal and small-business websites. However the main advantage of the Cloud.bg is that it is a cPanel Cloud Hosting service and brings cPanel / WHM the most popular web hosting control panel and web hosting manager on the cloud.

Cloud Hosting Reviews and Information
GoGrid is the cloud hosting department of ServePath Dedicated Hosting, a web hosting company with years of expertise and experience in providing reliable web hosting service.

3PAR adds UK clout to Cloud-Agile programme
Storage vendor 3PAR has added several new UK service providers to its Cloud-Agile partner programme. The new recruits include managed service providers Carrenza Hosting and Ultraspeed, as well as ISP firm Star. The programme, launched in July 2009, is aimed at partners offering cloud-based services using 3PAR’s line of InServ Storage servers.

Cloud Web Hosting providers
It seems 2010 is the cloud hosting year, we started to see many web hosting companies are using now cloud systems. Some of these companies like vexxhost.com web hosting are now providing cloud enterprise computing using Citrix Enterprise Cloud ready platform…

Cloud Web Hosting Facts and News
Cloud hosting in expensive and only big enterprises are can afford it. But this will not be the case in 2010 as some leading web hosting providers Started to offer very affordable cloud hosting

Rackspace Raises The Price of Base Cloud Sites by 50%

Rackspace Raises The Price of Base Cloud Sites by 50%

Rackspace sent a notice to all current customers of the Rackspace Cloud service (formerly Mosso) about some changes to the pricing structure for their Rackspace Cloud service. The big change is a 50% increase in the base price for all new accounts. The old pricing had a base of $100/month and the new pricing has a base of $149/month. Current customers will remain at the previous $100/month pricing.

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VEXXHOST Reduces The Price of its enterprise VPS’s by 50%
VEXXHOST announced 50% discount on its three VPS plans, these enterprise hosting plans are using Citrix enterprise visualization system and using high performance multi processors technology with ECC ram and RAID 10 storge arrays. the prices of these vps are starting at $16.48 and bundled with a sufficient resources.

Web Host InetServices Launches New Website for Cloud Services
Showcasing its comprehensive suite of cloud hosting services, web hosting provider InetServices (www.inetservices.com) has officially launched its new website, www.inetservicescloud.com, dedicated specifically to cloud hosting services.

What is Cloud Hosting and is it Right for Your Needs?
One of the newest technologies utilized in the web hosting industry, cloud hosting can be very beneficial for its users. You might be aware that Google has been using this type of computer infrastructure for quite some time. But what exactly is it and how does it work?

US Companies Ready For Added Cloud Computing Investment
According to a survey of 150 information technology decision makers from various small and large companies across the country by ReliaCloud, a national IT infrastructure company based in Minneapolis, three-quarters of companies identified the development of cloud computing as a priority for 2010.

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