Why Cloud Hosting Works

by Laughing Squid This can be easily resolved utilizing a hybrid cloud option. In this scenario, the company maintains their in-house infrastructure, but also contracts with a cloud hosting provider to provide access to a virtual data center that can integrate with their legacy equipment to provide an infinite amount of computing resources.     […] Read more »

All About Cloud Server Hosting

by jeff_golden The Simple way to define Cloud Hosting is, the hosting service which operates in a way that the servers are clustered together, where you have no limit for the resources. In this service the cluster of servers are connected together to improve the performance and reliability. The Cloud Hosting is established on various […] Read more »

Cloud Hosting Technique a New Way

by mollyali If we look a decade back around 1990’s, the internet was just a new phenomenon in the  businesses. Internet was being used for multiple purpose for accessing email, creating websites as part of the  daily routine as well as for marketing. If each one is looking forward to what the cloud hosting technique […] Read more »

Monitoring Cloud Hosting Resources and Applications for Compact End Results

by C.M. Keiner Cloud hosting has initiated a broad new spectrum of technical specification, advantages and business intensity in the dimensions of information technology. Web hosting experts believe that this entire new era of hosting has every potential and paradigm that online business houses need in the times of tough competitive edge. Now online industry […] Read more »

Top 5 Cloud Computing Providers

by John Flinchbaugh Here is a list of the Top 5 Cloud Computing providers. The key parameters used for comparing these cloud platforms include when the platforms were introduced, support for various operating systems/languages, current adoption levels of the platforms and the overall potential of the platform. A good understanding of the key cloud computing […] Read more »

Cloud Web Hosting Reviews

by Matthew Burpee Today cloud hosting is popular word from hosting providers and business owner like to choose this hosting services coz they found more and more stuff on these words on internet. Also people always find hosting services which gives them faster website request, and reliable hosting packages. As per my way cloud hosting […] Read more »

Web Server Computing Platform

by feline_dacat Cloud computing is divided into three segments: ‘platforms,’ ‘applications,’ and ‘infrastructure.’ One of the most important parts of the cloud computing structure is the Cloud Platform. The cloud platform allows developers to write applications that run in the cloud and use the services provided from the cloud. For business IT solutions, cloud computing […] Read more »

Opening for Business: Your New Cloud?

by lonely radio   Cloud computing is high on the agenda for all UK businesses, particularly for companies with substantial IT infrastructure – hosting providers, and large enterprises.  Hosting companies have a substantial market opportunity selling more flexible, profitable cloud services to traditional dedicated and shared hosting customers – who in turn want the increased […] Read more »

Cloud Web Hosting

by Antonio Tajuelo Like so many other terms in information technology these days, the term “cloud” is being beaten to death.  Some people refer to any collection of servers exposed on the web as a “cloud.” By that definition, every website from Google on down to the smallest website is its own cloud.  Obviously, we […] Read more »

What Is Cloud Server?

by sasastro What is the difference between a cloud server and a dedicated server? This is the most essential question that we need to find for solutions. The two topics are so different. We will be talking regarding the difference between cloud server and managed dedicated server. Before we go into managed dedicated server, you […] Read more »