Business Benefits of Cloud Computing and the Dynamic Data Center

by rafaeldesigner   Cloud computing utilizes virtualization, data and application on-demand deployment, online delivery of services and open source software to yield considerable business benefits. With virtualization, cloud computing enables a dynamic data center where servers are utilizied based on demand. As demand changes, resources ramp up or down dynamically in order to meet the […] Read more »

Few Points on Cloud Server Storage

by [ebarrera] Cloud storage is online storage system where the data is stored on virtual servers rather than on dedicated servers. The hosting companies have large data centers and there the data of the people are stored and often people also take some storage in lease too. In cloud storage the resources are also virtualized […] Read more »

Mobile Software Computing: Mobile Industry on Cloud – What Is Cloud Computing?

by rafaeldesigner Lately, Cloud Computing was in the gossip news as two technology leaders, HP and Dell, were warring it out to buy a cloud computing company. So, what exactly is Cloud Computing? The hottest wave in the world of technology is the growth of Cloud Computing. While many technologically advanced people are aware of […] Read more »

Do You Know Cloud Computing?

by Carlos de Miguel The Private Cloud is a new technological know-how to the IT industry. Everything will permit all the clients belonging to the business enterprise to share with you exactly the same infrastructure for the purpose of functioning without having a repeated expense for devices & a software program. Private Clouds are a […] Read more »

How Does Cloud Hosting Work?

by giveawayboy The term ‘cloud’ has a completely different connotation when it comes to Internet world. It refers to a network of computers working in synchronous manner such that the users can be provided with the services requested. The last couple of years have witnessed tremendous demand for Cloud Hosting in the web world, as […] Read more »

Cloud Computing-Maximumbit Inc

by rafaeldesigner is Internet (cloud) based development and use of computer technology. Cloud Computing is an emerging computing technology that uses the internet and central remote servers to maintain data and applications. Cloud computing allows consumers and businesses to use applications without installation and access their personal files at any computer with internet access. This […] Read more »

Introduction to Cloud Computing Platforms

by Larixk Cloud computing refers to the use of multiple server-based computational resources. These resources can be accessed through various digital networks such as WAN, Internet, etc. The resources of the server can be accessed by Smartphones, tablet PCs, Notebooks or other such type of devices having network connectivity. In cloud computing, all the data […] Read more »

Weighing Up the Future Development of the Clouds Hosting Solutions

by C.M. Keiner Cloud hosting services has emerged as one of the most important streams of web hosting services. 2010 has been a very flourishing year for hosting providers offering cloud severs solutions. The demand is expected to grow more and more. In fact, industry experts believe that the addition of some more well-defined features […] Read more »