What Are Some Cloud Computing Providers?

by Michigan Municipal League (MML) Question by Jesse: What are some Cloud Computing Providers? Keep it as basic as possible, please. An answer I’m looking for is something like Amazon’s cloud drive, etc. add a description about each. Cloud Storage devices is what I’m looking for. Best answer: Answer by xn?????pwhat types of “cloud” software […] Read more »

Do You Agree With the Statement That the Web Was the First Cloud Computing Platform?

Question by bleuflamenco: Do you agree with the statement that the Web was the first Cloud Computing Platform? Or am I missing something? As I see it, web sites were the first distributed, scalable, highly customizable platform on the internet. Email and stuff like IRC and FTP were huge, but they aren’t really platforms upon […] Read more »

Q&A: Network Admins Only. Do You Think Cloud Computing Is Real or Just a Catch Phrase?

by rafaeldesigner Question by identity: Network admins only. Do you think cloud computing is real or just a catch phrase? give reason why? is this the future or just something more to the daily aspects of a administrator. Best answer: Answer by John SI think its potential, but right now no cloud computing isnt “real”. […] Read more »


Question by jamesbond007: NUMBERS OF DESKTOP AND SERVER COMPUTING REQUIRED IN AN OFFICE OF 12 EMPLOYEE OF A FIRM AND IDENTIFY THEIR DIFF? pls can anyone help me with this assignment cos i need to submit it tommorrow.it is very imporatant and carries 100 mark.thank you as do,you can elaborate on it. Best answer: Answer […] Read more »

What Are Some Unique Songs to Sing for a Show Choir Audition?

by Dell’s Official Flickr Page Question by SuperNerd: What are some unique songs to sing for a show choir audition? I’m 13 and a soprano/alto. I was going to do Defying Gravity, but that’s too common. So what are some unique good musical-like songs?? Best answer: Answer by Outta TouchIt’s good you are NOT doing […] Read more »

Q&A: I Want to Audition for the Role of Hope Harcourt. What Is a Good Audition Piece?

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Q&A: What Is a Classic Broadway or Theater Song for a Soprano?

Question by Sassy Cat: What is a classic broadway or theater song for a soprano? Something with a pretty medley. I appreciate your answers! Best answer: Answer by Steam PunkHere are some great FEMALE SOLOS from Musicals A BRAND NEW DRESS… Coco A FOGGY DAY IN LONDON TOWN. Damsel in Distress A JOURNEY TO A […] Read more »

Q&A: What Are Some Good Soprano Song for Musical Theatre?

by Dell’s Official Flickr Page Question by Caitlin: What are some good soprano song for musical theatre? I’m working on auditioning for the Musical Theatre program at the college, so I need some more song ideas. I need to have 1 up-tempo and/or comedic song and 1 slow song/ballad. I’m here to see if you […] Read more »