Firehost secures $25 Millions to Enhance Cloud Computing Service Security

FirehostIaaS cloud computing services of Firehost would be made more secure, robust and reliable with the help of this infusion $25 million funding.

This was announced by the Firehost secure cloud computing service provider on Sunday, April 20, 2014 that it has netted as much as $25 million funding to enhance the security and reliability of the Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) cloud computing services of the company. Many analysts believe that this funding to poured into the IaaS service of the company clearly indicates that the Amazon AWS is not the only favorite company for IaaS service to the enterprise customers.

In the official statement, the company maintained that its cloud computing infrastructure based services are more focused security measures and advanced security standard adoption. It was further expressed in the statement while providing the details of the funding that, the funding is secured in Series – E, and it was headed by the Stephen Group of financial solutions. This group was also involved in achieving 4 rounds of fundings for the Dallas based company earlier than the current round of funding.

In his official statement the CEO of the Firehost secure cloud computing service provider company, Mr. Jim Levandowski said, “This infusion of $25 million will be used in enhancing the features and security of the company’s IaaS services. A substantial part of the funding will also be used for speeding up the development of the company products and aggressive sales and marketing strategies to meet the requirement of the clients on time.” He further added that, “Simply put, compliance with standards like PCI and HIPAA provide a false sense of protection, as we have seen with many recent security breaches of household name companies. Other IaaS providers consider security an afterthought, or avoid it altogether. If you ask yourself what the cloud provider of the future should look like, it can’t be what you see today”. He was of the view that the security and the advanced features of the cloud services would be the core component for sustainable cloud business in the future.

Meanwhile, the recent infusion of more than $45 million by Linode cloud services to enhance the cloud infrastructure of the company clearly indicates that the IaaS service is not Amazon AWS oriented, but there are many small and medium size cloud companies that see their sustainable business in this domain of cloud business.

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