RackHigh Launches VMware Based Enterprise Private Cloud Computing Services

RackHigh Launches VMware Based Enterprise Private Cloud Computing Services

RackHigh Launches VMware Based Enterprise Private Cloud Computing Services

Highly secure and industry standard compliant enterprise private cloud computing service would provide the industry grade performance for the enterprise customers.

RackHigh has announced this weekend on Sun, March 16, 2014 that its newly established private cloud computing service will be available for official launch. This new service will offer the private cloud environment that is powered by the vSphere Enterprise Plus platform of VMware.

While talking about the features and capabilities of this new private cloud computing service, the company said that it is a single-tenant pool of cloud computing resources with very rich features related to security and reliability. The service offers custom built for every client and directly connected to a highly scalable SAN storage solution of the company. In short, the private cloud offered by RackHigh is highly secure, scalable, flexible and reliable that meet all requirements of a robust industry grade cloud computing solutions for the enterprises.

According to the official statement of the company, the purpose designed, rule based auto scaling, custom built, automatic failover, remote system administration, live migration and industry grade security are other salient features of this private cloud service. The customers can deploy a virtually unlimited number of virtual machines within this private cloud computing service offered by the company. This service is also capable of handling multiple windows based or Linux based workloads and applications, which can easily be managed through another powerful VMware platform called vFabric.

While talking about the strengths of this enterprise private cloud service, the CEO of the company Mr. Shafiq Ur Rehman said, “Our VMware Enterprise Private Cloud stands out in the market because it enables users to deploy any number of virtual machines with no fluctuation in costs, as there is no hourly billing or per-user fee – Organizations can use it to deploy resources much faster to individual departments, because they can create and destroy virtual machines on the fly. It’s ideal for companies that have concerns relating to privacy or need to meet certain compliance standards that cannot be fulfilled with public cloud options.”

Shafiq further elaborated that they are offering a highly customized, private cloud service that combines enterprise cloud and automation platforms together. He further added that, “When it comes to Private Clouds, we’re setting the gold standard. With our new Enterprise Private Cloud offering, we’re combining the power of two of the industry’s best platforms; our own infrastructure automation platform and VMware’s vCloud Enterprise Plus cloud technology.”

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