Q&A: Is There Anyone Else in Here Who Likes to Read the Adult Animated Magazine Heavy Metal?

Question by .: Is there anyone else in here who likes to read the adult animated magazine Heavy Metal?
I especially like to read the Requiem Vampire Stories in this awesome magazine. I’ve been addicted to this magazine ever since I was a teenager. Do you like the Requiem Vampire stories? Also, I wonder how long the artist who creates this particular story will continue doing it?

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Answer by wonder dog
This may not have anything to do with anything – not sure – but if you like that sort of artwork you might or might not know that the catalyst for it was the animated movie, HEAVY METAL, that came out in ’81. The artwork was more basic, perhaps, but nonetheless intriguing and did get that whole ball rolling. And Lord knows some of the music was cool, mainly Don Felder’s “Heavy Metal,” particularly when played loudly. Though Sammy Hagar’s song of the same title, that was also in the movie, was nothing to sneeze at. I sometimes play both on a radio show I co-host. God’s speed, my child.

Wonder Dog, awaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (loud wind noises through my red cape as I disappear behind a cloud)

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