How Come the Weather Channel Is Not Always True About the Weather?

Question by Francis Jairam: How come the weather channel is not always true about the weather?
Well over the past few years the weather channel is not predicting right. Like today we were suppose to have rain but it didn’t since I only saw a few clouds in the sky. The say that it was a chance of rain 30% but to me it was not true. Does the weather channel lie sometimes or maybe because they are just guessing what the weather is?

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Answer by lovinmrv
They do not always forecast correctly because there are so many variables that affect our weather, that they cannot possibly be correct 100% of the time.

Meteorologists use the most powerful computers ever invented to predict the weather, and they still cannot be 100% accurate.

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  1. Ryan says:

    Weather can be unpredictable.
    They are not lying or guessing.

    They do not look into a crystal ball and know 100% what is going to happen.

  2. Zman says:

    Most of it is educated guessing, but they do the best they can to get a forecast that is as accurate as possible. Generally, 30% chance of rain means out of the past 10 times a scenario similar to the one experienced today, 3 of the times yielded measurable precipitation at the forecasted area. So, to me, that was quite accurate.

    People just don’t realize that lots of things can affect a weather forecast. Even something as little as a shift in the path of a squall line can mean convective debris the next day, limiting instability downstream. It takes an intense set of mathematical details to get every single cloud and wind pattern measured – let’s say that you would likely have to gather all the computing power on the planet to make a forecast like that.