What is the difference between a quasar and a blazar?

Question by TheOriginalNerdNumber2: What is the difference between a quasar and a blazar?
And why is that difference important?

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Answer by Ricky
A quasar is a very energetic and distant galaxy with an active galactic nuclei. A blazar is just a much more compact and energetic version of the same thing. Blazar’s are usually associated with very small, dense galaxies with much more powerful nuclei than quasar’s.

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  1. A blazar is a quasar whose intense beam of energy is aimed directly in our direction. A quasar is an active galactic nucleus powered by a supermassive black hole feeding on surrounding gas and stars.

  2. Both quasars and blazars are Active Galactic Nuclei. These are super massive black holes surrounded by an accretion disk and dense disk of gas

    Like this: http://astronomy.swin.edu.au/~gmackie/DarkStar/unified_model.gif
    HBLR means Hidden Broad Line Region caused by high velocity gas close to the nucleus, as broad spectral lines are produced by gas clouds with large internal velocities. NLR means Narrow Line region.

    Depending on our line of sight we observe Seyfert galaxies, quasars or blazars. The host galaxies of Seyferts are mostly spirals, and elliptical galaxies host mostly radio galaxies and quasars.

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