What’s So Great About Cloud Computing and Why Should You Invest in Companies Using This Technology?

Question by Hip Hop Hero: What’s so great about cloud computing and why should you invest in companies using this technology?
I heard it’s good to store things so that businesses can have their employees able to work on the go (mobile).

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Answer by Harley Drive
it’s all hype, trusting your data to a company that may not even exist next week is madness , any company can set up a private network using the internet, any outage and you lose everything and how can you trust a company that may also store your rival’s data?

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  1. John B says:

    Cloud computing is great for some companies, especially small quickly growing ones. It gives them access to computing resources without having to own the computers.

    It may be a good business decision to use cloud computing, but that is hardly a good reason to invest in the company. That would be like investing in a company because it rents its office space.

    It is better to invest in the companies providing the cloud services.

  2. zuma says:

    It’s a Cooks Scam,….Imagine all a Companies most important Trades Secrets,..and Patents on a bloody Microsoft buggy Computer server,accessed over the wire, or worst thru the air….are Americans Stupid Gullible Fools or What..

    As long as encryption is safe..Ah Hah ha..Have they managed to stop hackers,..Yet?..No..
    What was it that happened last week,..some hacker vengeance thing..
    The gullible fool’s eat it up..