Cloud Computing: How Does It Differ From the File Sharing That Has Been Done to Death for Over 10 Years?

Question by a joy to be hidden; a disaster not to be found: Cloud computing: how does it differ from the file sharing that has been done to death for over 10 years?

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Answer by mickeysinonehand
more people are stupid now a days and think its special and different. mostly children who want to feel special by saying they use cloud.

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  1. Taylor G says:

    Cloud computing actually allows the execution of files. Example, you have an office with 25 computers, and you need to install a new custom software for your business. Well lets say you manually go and install it on all 25 computers, then all of the sudden you discover a HUGE bug and need to update the software. Well normally you would have to go to every single computer and update manually, but with cloud computing you can simply update the software on the “host” computer and it will automatically be updated on the “client” computers as well. VERY different from simple file sharing.

  2. Vascular Improbability says:

    With file sharing, you retain a copy of your file on your personal computer. With cloud computing, you relinquish all control of your file to the cloud administrators, even files you don’t necessarily want to share. Anybody with access to the servers will be able to read your files. Only stupid people using cloud computing, and even stupider corporations.

  3. Aaron says:

    Cloud computing allows you to have copies of files locally but also place a copy in the cloud and event create an online file system. Once there the files can be securely shared and even in some cases edited in the cloud with coworkers and clients. ITs a great alternative to sending files especially large files via email which is slow and can have limitations with files over 5MB in size. There are many advantages to cloud based file sharing and backup for home users and businesses of all sizes.