I need some literary help. Could anybody help me?

Question by Zizz01010101: I need some literary help. Could anybody help me?
I have to write this but I’m not sure what to write. Could somebody help?

1.In a response of no fewer than two paragraphs, discuss the mood and theme of James Stephens’s poem as it compares to the mood and theme of Walter de la Mare’s “The Storm.” In your answer, be sure to discuss the impact of each poet’s language and use of poetic devices such as personification and figurative language.

by James Stephens
The Night was creeping on the ground!
She crept and did not make a sound,
Until she reached the tree: And then
She covered it, and stole again
Along the grass beside the wall!
—I heard the rustling of her shawl
As she threw blackness everywhere
Along the sky, the ground, the air,
And in the room where I was hid!
But, no matter what she did
To everything that was without,
She could not put my candle out!
So I stared at the Night! And she
Stared back solemnly at me!

“The Storm”
by Walter de la Mare

First there were two of us, then there were three of us,
Then there was one bird more,
Four of us–wild white sea-birds,
Treading the ocean floor;
And the wind rose, and the sea rose,
To the angry billows? roar–
With one of us–two of us–three of us–four of us
Sea-birds on the shore.

Soon there were five of us, soon there were nine of us,
And lo! in a trice sixteen!
And the yeasty surf curdled over the sands,
The gaunt grey rocks between;
And the tempest raved, and the lightning?s fire
Struck blue on the spindrift hoar–
And on four of us–ay, and on four times four of us
Sea-birds on the shore.

And our sixteen waxed to thirty-two,
And they to past three score–
A wild, white welter of winnowing wings,
And ever more and more;
And the winds lulled, and the sea went down,
And the sun streamed out on high,
Gilding the pools and the spume and the spars
?Neath the vast blue deeps of the sky;

And the isles and the bright green headlands shone,
As they?d never shone before,
Mountains and valleys of silver cloud,
Wherein to swing, sweep, soar–
A host of screeching, scolding, scrabbling
Sea-birds on the shore–
A snowy, silent, sun-washed drift
Of sea-birds on the shore.

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Answer by bluesy muse
Check I think means checking or stopping death, as a personification, from entering your space and taking you. The poem fears death. The Storm could be a metaphor for dying, which has a different tone than Check. Death in this poem is looked at romantically where once you pass over, the sun shines and it’s a positive experience.

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