Part 2 of Question 1 (Anyone Can Answer)?

Question by justinmillad: Part 2 of Question 1 (Anyone Can Answer)?
Earlier I asked “Which sounds more relaxing”? I think Taylor J. answered that question as “Coconut Cloud”. Now, after deciding on coconut cloud, I have another question:

The internet host Weebly, are any of you familiar with it? If so, please answer this. Can you put chat rooms on your website with Weebly?

The next question is what a great website idea is. I have earlier made Plum Village, a website made of recipes and history. What should Coconut Cloud be about? Just judging by the name. Things like Cocoa Cabana, Coconut Cloud, they are all chill and relaxing names. That means the website should be chill and relaxing. Any suggestions?

Please answer both questions if possible.

Best answer:

Answer by Ariel
While I don’t know anything about Weebly, most web hosts that have good specs should be fine supporting a chatroom. Do a google search for “free website chat” or something and you should get results pop up.

Second, I’ve never heard of anyone aside from someone just trying to make money off of ads build a website for the name, rather than the other way around. However, all I can do is suggest having a nice web 2.0 theme with coconut trees on an island in front of some nice fluffy clouds. Maybe you should make it a website about baby products, that’s just what comes to my mind when I hear “coconut cloud”.

Good luck

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