Q&A: I Am Doing a Final Year Project on the Benefits of Cloud Computing , Any Help?

Question by Ashley: i am doing a final year project on the benefits of cloud computing , any help?
can someone point me in a good direction as to where i could take this project ?

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Answer by Tech Master
Interesting topic you have choosen, A clue for you,
Towards Many-Core Processor Simulation on Cloud Computing Platforms ( http://projectabstracts.com/2294/towards-many-core-processor-simulation-on-cloud-computing-platforms.html )
Cloud Computing Evaluation: How it Differs to Traditional IT Outsourcing ( http://projectabstracts.com/2192/cloud-computing-evaluation-how-it-differs-to-traditional-it-outsourcing.html )
Cloud Computing with PHP – Using Amazon S3 with the Zend Framework ( http://projectabstracts.com/1599/cloud-computing-with-php-using-amazon-s3-with-the-zend-framework.html )

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