cloud computing with Linux OS?

Question by Lola-M: cloud computing with Linux OS?
i read in many sites that Linux OS is the best OS for cloud computing. is that true?
and if true, what about the processing time,security?
and what are the advantages and disadvantages of using it for cloud computing?

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Answer by johntrottier
Your going to have to explain what you mean by “cloud computing” because it means a whole lot of different things to different people.
Do you mean:
Using a low powered device (netbook or tablet) to access applications on the web using a browser?
Using a central server as a collaborative meeting site were multiple workstations share data
Using leased computing power to set up virtual machines to dynamically add computing power on demand
Using a distributed computing model where hundreds or thousands of computers to form a supercomputer over the Internet
There are other descriptions, but you get the idea.
“Cloud computing is just a buzzword. You’ll need to decide what model you are talking about before there can be a real answer to your question.

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