Need a CRM or Sales Tracker?

Question by aaron c: Need a CRM or Sales Tracker?
Looking for something for single user, without a server… something nice looking.
I need it to track my sales calls but I dont want to pay for cloud or setup a server to run it. Any ideas? ohhh and Windows 7 64bit. Thanks

a single pay program would be fine, but free is good too.
EDIT: This is just for taking contact information and reporting was was talked about. I have ACT! 2011 but it wants a server which is too complicated for me to run. I dont need to actually track figures just Coporate Accounts and what business was discussed, i.e. contacts, leads, requests… the general stuff. thanks guys

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Answer by notagain
That accounting software. Quickbooks

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  1. Evinkay Alsray says:


    I’m for sure you don’t know what you want…
    What do you need a Server for? You can run it locally, it may asks for a Server (SQL Database) but you can use it locally in the ODBC. So ACT does exactactly what you need… your just using it wrong. I set it up for a client who uses it locally with her vendors and clients.

    There is no way you can get a CRM for free, and ACT is a single pay program.

  2. Jodie says:

    You could try MS CRM Online – it’s web-based and I believe there is a current promotion where you can get it with one user. I checked the website and it doesn’t say that anywhere, but was told you have to sign up for the trial and a MS CRM Rep will call you.

    If that’s too much for your needs – maybe Microsoft Office with Business Contact Manager?