Q&A: suggestions/help on how to make a media server?

Question by SK: suggestions/help on how to make a media server?
I have a computer that I plan on putting all my old hdds in and turning into an always on media server, similar to the cloud services (but without a monthly fee) in that I can play my movies and music from this computer remotely on other devices. I know there are a few programs out there, would you suggest buying one of them? does anyone have a guide on how to set it up in windows 7 without a program? how hard is it? If you think its not worth the trouble, what program would you suggest? Thanks!

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Answer by Diesel
If you have Win 7 on both machines you can set up a homegroup. Here is the guide:

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  1. Go read all the stuff the person above posted…for DIY you have to do some readings!
    I do not think it is that hard, make sure you do a security check afterwards!

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