What Is Cloud Computing?

Question by testament1234: What is Cloud Computing?
Can anyone explain what is cloud computing both technical and non-technical and if anyone can site some examples that uses cloud computing. Thank you very much :)

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Answer by luvdady
google it.
see sun micro systems and microsoft also,

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  1. Hanyuu says:

    Home example: You have a bunch of stuff you want to back up, so if your house burns down or gets hit by a 787, you won’t lose the pictures of the kids. You pay for an online backup service, which stores that data on a bunch of servers somewhere. That’s using the cloud.

    Corporate example: A company wants a web site with a ton of web based services, but they don’t want to pay for or manage the infrastructure themselves. They pay someone else (like Amazon) to host their services for them. That’s using the cloud.

    Basically, instead of doing stuff with your own computer or your own network, you do it on a server over the internet.

  2. beans1001 says:

    technical (kind of): cloud computing is essentially a simple way of sharing information over internet, LAN (local area network) or ad-hoc.

    non-technical: its a way of sending stuff from one computer to another without any stupid wires to trip over.

  3. Myla Rose V says:

    The term was adopted from the use of cloud symbols to represent the internet in diagrams and charts. This can be availed online where customers can get storage services, virtual servers, applications and so much more.

  4. Clement Y says:

    Most of the time, “cloud computing” could be the standby time with the Internet to perform applications or store data. Until recently, most software packages ran on your own laptop or computer. Cloud computing changes that: programs run using a remote server (or servers), accessed by (however , not stored on) your personal computer. Web-based email? Cloud computing. Google Apps? Cloud computing. Facebook? Cloud computing.

  5. Tawfiq Shiblu says:

    Cloud computing is about having infrastructure, software and platforms delivered to the end users via the internet. Computing resources are availed online where customers can get storage services, virtual servers, applications and so much more.
    Since you will be accessing services through the internet, cloud computing allows you access to resources regardless of your location.
    for more details: