Q&A: PS3 and Media Server help!?

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by acroll

Question by Javier: PS3 and Media Server help!?
Every time I start my PS3, I don’t have any media servers. Sometimes I get lucky and am able to find my computer on it, but most times it says “No Media Servers found”. How can I keep my PS3 and computer connected permanently so I don’t have to keep going through this malarkey!

Step by step instructions please. Most answers I get to my questions are not very detailed, and I don’t know why after I post this, it will not let me add anything more, or even post a comment asking for more detailed instructions.. Thanks!

I am running Vista x64. Have Norton 360 & Firewall, Windows Defender, Panda Cloud and Tune-Up Utilities 2011. I have my PS3 connected through Wifi (don’t know if that helps any). It’s a CECH-2501A 160GB Slim.

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Answer by Evan
PC has to be on?
Make sure you keep the Wifi signal strong?
Try different software.Windows Media Player or Tversity IMO.

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