Had a Dream Involving Me Falling Into Water With a Great White Shark?

Question by Vincent Van Gogh: Had a dream involving me falling into water with a great white shark?
anyone know what this means…

I was on a pontoon (you know those platforms which are ontop of water where people park their boats) anyway it was a grey dark day with storm clouds. There was a great white shark in the water… as I was walking on the pontoon it suddenly rocked straight up and down – in the background I could hear an old coworker of mine saying “BE CAREFUL MATE – GET BACK ON” but it was too much he kept yelling my name and I fell in the water with the great white shark :(

then I woke up… why exactly did I have this dream?

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Answer by Beanie
The Interpretation of dreams that involve sharks usually mean that in some you way feel threatened or victimized.

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  1. Athena101 says:

    The dark sky and stormy clouds represent sorrow or anger. The shark does not necessarilly mean that you will be threatened by a shark, but since it is one of the biggest and fiercest sharks in ocean it may mean that soon something very dangerous will threaten you, or since you saw a storm and dark sky, it may cause you to be depressed or very angry.
    I would beware of this if you are an uneasy tempered person.