very odd dream…what does it mean??????

Question by Justin: very odd dream…what does it mean??????
so i had this weird dream today…unfortunately i don’t remember specific details but this is what i have. I cant really say where i started but i knew i had the ability to fly, i was in some world with where there basically was no land but there were just platforms (like in the Jettsons for example) above the clouds. somehow i knew i could fly and easily had no difficulity. This is where it gets weird, i am told to go do a sorta “recon” and look to see if there are platforms in a certain area that hasn’t been mapped (owned by some bad guy). So i fly over there and on my way there it is quite scenic (imagine ur above the clouds just when the sun is setting). I don’t find anything there but then i somehow end up in an airplane that i get the feeling is not flying and is about to get rid of their passangers because they just landed. There is this lady in the next seat that i ask if she could help me find what i was looking for (i give her my map, and oddly its topographic) at first she is resistant but then begins to draw x’s on my map (there was also some dude 2 seats away from me listening to his ipod but i guess he was just a filler in the dream LOL). Then the bad guy busts onto the plain with his goons, i some how ended up outside (srry i don’t remember all of it) on the tarmac and then i see his ppl behind me chasing me. I begin to run and then remember i could fly i jump up in the air a few times only to fall back down and try again (it was sorta like leaping forward) after like the forth time i manage to fly, not at my preferred altitude but enough so they can’t get me. For a while i think i was safe until i notice helicopters chasing me. I decide to go back to where my friend was using the map, but when i arrive it turned out i was going in the opposite direction and it was to late to turn back.. so i begin to just fly forward at a very great speed, nothing like i have been flying before notice some bird, i think it was red, going in the opposite direction towards the ppl chasing me when i turn back to look at where i was going something hit me in the left shoulder and i woke up startled (like when you sneek up on your dad and shout when they are asleep)…

Sorry if this is long, i hope you find it entertaining…and pleease interpret this for me….if it can be done


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Answer by sunscour
You’re comfortable with where you are in life, but you are still trying to figure things out. The map along with the flying over platforms indicates this. The plane getting hijacked indicates that while you know what you want in life past problems and emotions keep coming up and threaten your decisions. My suggestion is to let the past be in the past and focus on the now cause your doing a good job

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