Q&A: What the hell is Fish Oil?

Question by A.P. Hill from Santoonie.com: What the hell is Fish Oil?
Im 38 and my doctor visit was fine, though I got a call from the doc saying buy some Fish Oil. I said, how long to take this. He said everyday for the rest of your life. WHAT? WHAT IS THAT YOUR SAYING? So, let it be, may the cloud part from the skies, and let heavenly host yank me from perch. Thou has joined the elite club of everyday pill taking deathbed old farts. I’m too young to die. Quick, I must have sex with every pretty celebrity! Quick I want to smoke more doobies! Quick I must buy everything I want from EBAY! QUICK QUICK, ITS GOING DOWNHILL!!!

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Answer by southkorean
is this a personal problem or a question?

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