Been sick please help Red badge of courage?

Question by Danny Phantom: Been sick please help Red badge of courage?
For what exploit was the youth praised by the colonel? (1 point)

* for carrying the flag
* for getting the enemy’s flag
* for rallying the men to fight

The description of Wilson changes from what to what? (1 point)

* from the loud one to the assured one
* from the loud one to the friend
* from the loud one to the tattered man


Identify the figurative language used in the sentence below (taken from the text):

“…they [rumors] were now for the most part black creatures who flapped their wings drearily near to the ground and refused to rise on any wings of hope.”
(1 point)

* simile
* metaphor
* alliteration


Choose the most accurate paraphrase for the sentence below:

“No respite was given the troops. Instead they were driven back into the fracas on the sward.”
(1 point)

* The troops had no rest, but were driven back into the woods by the sword.
* The troops had no food, but had to continue fighting in the woods.
* The troops had no rest, but had to return to the fight in the field.

Identify the irony of Henry’s “red badge of courage.” (1 point)

* He was wounded by a fellow soldier after he had fled from battle.
* His wound was superficial.
* He refused to wear his badge.

Identify the sample sentence below that contains a simile (taken from the text). (1 point)

* “This advance of the enemy had seemed to the youth like a ruthless hunting.”
* “He wished that it [his rifle] was an engine of annihilating power.”
* “The tormentors were flies sucking insolently at his blood…”

Which of the following is a definition of theme? (1 point)

* the physical location of a story
* a recurrent image or action in a story
* a universal idea communicated in a story

What color were the uniforms of the Northern army (with whom Henry fought)? (1 point)

* gray
* blue
* green

What is a motif? (1 point)

* a recurrent image, action, or idea that helps to unify a story
* a universal idea communicated in a story
* impetus, or that which drives a person to act

The novel ends with, “Over the river a golden ray of sun came through the hosts of leaden rain clouds.” What is this an example of? (1 point)

* symbol
* personification
* theme

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Best answer:

Answer by Kat
Similies use the words “like” or “as.”
Metaphors compare one thing as if it were another thing, usually using a “to be” word (is, are, was, were, etc.) Alliteration using the same beginning sound over and over.

#3 Uses the word “were”
#6 look for the sentence with the word “like”

#4: paraphrase means a similar sounding sentence. Hint: fracas means fight and sward means field.

#7 and #9: The theme is the message of the whole story, a whole idea; a motif is the stuff you use to tell that message, the actions, words, etc. For example, image the theme for your bedroom “I love animals.” One person may choose a jungle motif and decorate the room with jungle animals; another may chooose a forest motif and decorate the room with forest animals; the message or theme is still the same, but the motifs are different.

The Civil War was fought between the blue and the gray. The Union army wore blue; the Rebel army wore grey.

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