Is It a Poem or Random Words?

Question by Bridge golden hand: Is it a poem or random words?
Tonight I have strange feeling

I feel my heart is a sky hosting my emotions stars

Oh I swear…There are no limits to my feelings

I’m head over heels in love

I know I’m living in isolation

Between us storm, clouds, waves , ice and fire

only your eyes and voice I go around looking for

AM I lost in long impossible road!!!

Am I traveling in the ocean of your eyes without any destination!!

But if I had choose

I will choose your love for second time..

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Answer by Hanson_luver666
both… some poetry is random words, but this fits together very nicely. If you wrote it…jolly good job mate!

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2 Responses to “Is It a Poem or Random Words?”

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  1. Sarah R says:

    It’s a poem, kinda reminds me of some haiku cause usually sentences in those don’t seem to go together but when you read it out loud it comes out as smooth as silk. This one actually gave be good imagry. Nice job!

  2. Jen McB says:

    I don’t see good imagery. Mentioning clouds and waves isn’t imagery. I’d also avoid cliches like “head over heels in love.” Is English your first language? It kinda doesn’t sound like it, so I don’t wanna critique too harshly if it’s not.