End of World + Terrorism=????????

Question by Chas A: End of World + Terrorism=????????
There was this evil American terrorist that escaped from wherever he was hiding, and he threatened to use nukes on America. I was afraid it would be near fort knox kentucky, which would probably kill my husband and I as we live near it. I was terrified, but I for some reason, went to work 20 minutes from my home. My husband was home by himself, and I was afraid it we died it wouldn’t be together. Then there was a coal burning parade (this little platforms floated in space and made dark clouds with pictures in them) and one showed a 4, an open eye, an open door, and a closed eye (I later realized this mean foresee the coming darkness). Then people started dying, and my husband was somehow there, and we had to make a potion. The potion was made out of a satanic snake, and tomato sauce…. then the end of the world stopped and I woke up…
.. I don’t read the newspapers or watch the news either……

The dream was more focused on the end times…

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Answer by progrockfan80
Sounds like you’re falling for the crap that the neo-conservatives are feeding us about terrorists attacking us with nuclear weapons. It’s the same kind of fear-mongering that flourished during the Cold War. I’m willing to be vigilant but not scared out of my pants.

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  1. This dream may deal with the dangers of this day and age, where hostile forces can cause great harm. But you dream was one of hope, rather than an end to it all. One does find a solution to the destruction and death at the end of the dream. The number 4 may have to do with all 4 directions which you look at through your open eye to find the direction to open the door to see the darkness. But a closed eye can see through dreams, but in a different way. Life does tend to go through cycles of destruction and rebirth. Your dream seem to make it to a solution and a new birth. Meditate/pray, exercise, eat healthy, so that you will be strong spiritually, to better survive the tough times ahead help others to also do so.

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