End of World + Terrorism=????????

Question by Chas A: End of World + Terrorism=????????
There was this evil American terrorist that escaped from wherever he was hiding, and he threatened to use nukes on America. I was afraid it would be near fort knox kentucky, which would probably kill my husband and I as we live near it. I was terrified, but I for some reason, went to work 20 minutes from my home. My husband was home by himself, and I was afraid it we died it wouldn’t be together. Then there was a coal burning parade (this little platforms floated in space and made dark clouds with pictures in them) and one showed a 4, an open eye, an open door, and a closed eye (I later realized this mean foresee the coming darkness). Then people started dying, and my husband was somehow there, and we had to make a potion. The potion was made out of a satanic snake, and tomato sauce…. then the end of the world stopped and I woke up…
.. I don’t read the newspapers or watch the news either……

The dream was more focused on the end times…

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Answer by progrockfan80
Sounds like you’re falling for the crap that the neo-conservatives are feeding us about terrorists attacking us with nuclear weapons. It’s the same kind of fear-mongering that flourished during the Cold War. I’m willing to be vigilant but not scared out of my pants.

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