Q&A: Cloud Computing, Whats the Name of the Companies and Their Stock Symbols?

Question by ken m: Cloud computing, whats the name of the companies and their stock symbols?
Im looking for the new companies

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Answer by Common Sense
Cloud Computing companies: AKAM, CRM, CTXS. RVBD, FFIV, VMW, RAX

New companies????? These may be new to you….. I’ve been in & out of these for quite awhile.

BTW: Joe Fahmy mentioned these this week in his Monday video;

Right now I’m in (since Jan, & May): AKAM, CTXS & VMW
I have (this year) been in FFIV. I’m looking at RAX as a new entry.

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  1. seogus says:

    Google (GOOG?) has the early lead in this area.

    Here are some smaller startups ();
    – Abiquo
    – Boom!
    – Cloudshare
    – Crosscheck Networks
    – Elastra
    – Egnyte
    – Good Data
    – Kaevo
    – Nasuni
    – Navajo Systems
    – Symplified
    – Terremark Worldwide
    – Viewfinity
    – Virtual Ark
    – VMlogix

  2. zuma says:

    Cloud Computing..Is a foot in the door for Crooks that want to steal Corporate Secrets, or anybody else that would want to Hack private information…All in the name they Worship…”Productivity”.