I want to work for Infinity Ward?

Question by : I want to work for Infinity Ward?
I’m back with this question again… I want to work for IW making Call of Duty MW type games. Having a little trouble figuring out what i want to do there. I mean, i have so many ideas for them, such as assassinations, bigger maps. Better gameplay and all that stuff. What seems easiest and fastest to learn?

Senior Technical VFX Artist
Infinity Ward is looking for a Technical Visual Effects Artist to help raise the bar for visual effects on current and next generation hardware. Focusing on large complex destruction sequence simulations and making worlds that are more alive, animated and interactive.

Position duties:
· Maya Simulation of architectural and vehicle destruction
· VFX Shader Lookdev using HLSL
· Animated skybox elements, clouds, battle
· Wildlife
· Some scripting to update systems and create new interactive behaviors
· Animated environment elements like blowing cloth, foliage
· Destructibles

Senior Technical Animator/Senior Rigger
Supports the production pipeline used by artists/animators, and ensures that the art/animation team has all of the relevant tools and workflows they need to operate at peak efficiency. Follows direction from art/animation team on an optimal CG look, and ensures that all art content in the game is being built to withstand performance and memory requirements.

Responsibilities for this position include:
Working with MEL/Python scripts to automate the character animation process
Working with 3rd party software for viewing and effecting Maya animations in the game engine (i.e. Unreal)
Assisting with dynamics and in-game physics
Designing and implementing efficient character/weapon/vehicle rigs for the project
Maintaining error-proof skinning data on character library
Tasks include: Technical animation, tool development, skinning of characters and rigging of characters

Senior Software Engineer
Infinity Ward is looking for an experienced and highly skilled individual to implement system, engine, and gameplay components of our internal engine. You should be comfortable and competent working as a low level, as well as an application, programmer.

You will be responsible for the technical success of critical software components, drawing assistance from other programmers when necessary. You must be able to anticipate and overcome the technical hurdles, and maximize the strengths specific to IW’s development tools, technologies, and techniques. You must take pride in a high standard of work, but be willing to prioritize and deliver in the necessary timeframe.

Possible tasks would include:
Performance and memory optimization
Modifying and maintaining a proprietary scripting system
Assisting with the creating in-game systems like effects, physics, camera, lighting, and AI
Assisting with and/or directing the porting of miscellaneous platform-specific code, as necessary
Ensuring compliance with technical submission requirements

Senior Environment Artist
Infinity Ward is looking for a talented Environment Artist.

This person will be responsible for the construction of run-time game environments and should have experience in modeling, texturing, and lighting of a scene.

The ideal candidate will have at least 3+ years experience in an environment artist role having demonstrated the ability to create realistic and visually compelling environments.

Environment artists should have expert knowledge of Photoshop, Maya and experience creating next-gen textures using normal maps with diffuse, specular, and next-gen shaders.

Experience with game editors and Z-Brush a plus.

Console experience a plus.

QA Tester – Temporary
QA TESTER (Temporary)

IMPORTANT: Local Candidates Only

Job Summary:
We currently have openings for on-site Quality Assurance Testers.
The chosen candidates will be responsible for executing QA procedures as assigned by the QA Manager to help ensure the highest level of quality in our project. The ideal candidate will have prior experience working within the video game industry.

Essential Tasks:
Perform scripted, ad hoc and regression testing
Enter and maintain bugs via our bug tracking system
Provide well thought out and constructive game play feedback
Able to work within a team and individually
Additional tasks as assigned by the QA Manager
AAA title experience a plus
At least two shipped titles a plus

I WANT OPINIONS!! Life sucks to deal with. i live in Arkansas and they work in California! shit.
What see

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Answer by IW Fanboy
For the IW HQ being in California, don’t worry about it. You can always move there when you’re ready to work for them. Surely you have seen your dad making your family move somewhere else for his job, it’s like that.

For the job positions, choose whichever you are better at, and that you think you are going to have a good time working there. For example, I would go for the position that involves animations and environment, so I would choose animated environment artist, etc.

Hope this helps!

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