Did NcSoft breach their written contract with me by taking my name during a server merge?

Question by geiland02: Did NcSoft breach their written contract with me by taking my name during a server merge?
Back in 2009, I paid extra USD for a video game called Aion Online: Collectors Edition by NcSoft. I have re-researched online some of their details involved in marketing and their promises they made to potential customers if they paid this extra money for the game. Here is some of the posts I have found:

Special content:

Pre Order Bonus:

* Reserve Aion and receive exclusive in-game items as well as early access to Aion.
* Access to all Aion Beta events, and early head-start access to Aion live game.
######* Access to Aion server and character preselection.######
* Exclusive in-game items including the Dark Cloud Helmet (stat boost), Talisman of Lodas (XP boost), and the GameStop Exclusive Ancient Ring of Fire.

Online Customers: A unique code giving you early access and exclusive in-game items will be emailed before the start of the Beta.
In-Store Pickup / Store Customers: A pre-order card giving you early access and exclusive in-game items will be available at time of reservation starting in late May.

Collectors Edition Bonus:

* 6.5” hand-painted figurine of a winged Asmodian warrior-goddess
* Exclusive in-game items including an exclusive wing set with stat boost, exclusive color dye, two (2) emotes, and exclusive collector’s edition title with stat boost.
* The official Aion soundtrack CD
* Full color poster and map of the world of Atreia

The ##### …… ##### highlighting my point of concern. In late 2010, NcSoft was losing subscribers and they had to do a “server merge” where they combined multiple online servers full of players (and names) into one server. In doing so, NcSoft changed everyone’s name without permission to their old name + a server code and then many players from each server had a fight to claim their old names. Of course not everyone was successful, like me, and they never got their old name back.

the issue here is, if I paid extra USD for a promise to preselect my character and his/her name, how can they promise be taken away in 2010 in a server merge? Thanks for any advise.
class/appearance/race “etc.” not meaning name? how is a “preselection” of a character not include a name when in fact I made this character AND named it during the “preselection” process and “reserved” my name and the people who didn’t pay this extra USD were not able to use the “names” I used on my character because mine was preselected, or am I seeing something wrong here ?
So that means since NcSoft can change a player’s name at anything, can I ask you to change the player’s name (since that player isn’t even active) and then once you change that player’s name I can reclaim mine? Since you changed everyone’s name before, you can do it again too, legally, right? I’d appreciate the help NcSoft, please reply with an explanation. The character is a 24 non-geared RNG and has been since merge and hasn’t changed any gear or level since. Thanks !

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Answer by haunter-
It says pretty clearly that you have access to a character preselection and aion server NOT character name , preselection meaning you can select class/appearance/race etc.

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  1. The feature you mentioned in your message, “Access to Aion server and character preselection” , was only available to those who bought a Preorder “Pretail” version of Aion before launch. The specific passage you mention pertains to the fact that the Pretail version of Aion did enable the user to access,a server and preselect a character name BEFORE the game went live. In essence, those who paid for the Pretail Version of Aion were granted early access to the servers and name availability, which is exactly what they got.

    You are correct in that there was a server merge after the game launched, and there were instances where we did rename people’s characters. However, we also gave each person a free character rename token to use as well. You may find more information about the server merge by reading the FAQ: http://powerwiki.na.aiononline.com/aion/Server+Merge+FAQ#hd84227

    Aion is a game that has users from all over the world, accessing our servers at all times. In the course of a name change, the name selected is available on a “first come, first served” basis. In other words, it is within the realm of possibility that you might have a name you want selected, but that someone else in the world has selected the exact same name, and has beaten you to it by a few seconds. If this occurs, you may make a variation of the name by adding a number to the end of it or a slight variation in spelling.

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