Q&A: three top picks for cloud computing companies?

Question by touroneinc: three top picks for cloud computing companies?
for example , google i think is one , what are two more?

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Answer by Aron R
First, a definition of “cloud computing”:

“Utility computing … also called cloud computing, on-demand computing and software as a service [SaaS] … exists when the user accesses software and/or data from computing resources located on the network.”

There are such a wide variety of options available that you may wish to clarify further what you’re looking for. Two examples:

If what you’re seeking is online storage and processing cycles, perhaps for a Web-based startup company, you might look into Amazon Web Services (e.g. S3, EC2):


If what you are looking for is a SaaS customer relationship management (CRM) system, one obvious option is Salesforce.com:


Some advantages of SaaS:


The primary disadvantage is that you’ve put your eggs into a “cloud” basket; if your provider’s service goes down or is otherwise unreachable, your business may be dead in the water for a time. Some thoughts on this:


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