rather in depth tech question?

Question by andrew a: rather in depth tech question?
I am currently running windows 8 32 bit release preview, and have noticed the more and more programs ceasing functionality for 32 bit systems.
I do have a 64-bit architechture available to run 64 bit versions of OS’s but my motherboard is one of very few incompatible with booting from disc due to the boot sectors being changed in windows 7 (originally a vista machine)
for some reason on purchase (2nd hand) the unit had only a 32 bit installation of vista and since using a 64 bit OS requires brand new installation, and I can’t boot from disc, I settled for using 32 bit versions of the software, and instead upgraded from within the current OS boot.

Due to the aforementioned restriction in new programs merely supporting 64 only, I was wondering whether it would be possible to upload ALL of my computer data (such as documents and settings) to a cloud based server, to save my data for the transition to a 64 bit re installation, as I don’t have the means to transfer the needed amount of data.

I want to temporarily transfer everything from my system in order to reinstall my OS as a 64 bit version, without losing any data, as I don’t have the necessary items available, such as an external HDD, to do this myself currently
(I do own a 1TB model but it has developed R/W issues that have caused it to cease functioning.

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Answer by Shayn
There are websites based upon the principle of backing up your system but from what I remember they require payment for lease.

Also, you’re most likely going to run into some errors seeing how you have 32-bit software and programs installed, and you’re trying to re install a 64-bit OS.

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