First Snow, Will You Comment Please?

Question by 5 ft 7 Texas Heaven: First snow, will you comment please?
Children cocooned in coats
scarves and hats
boast of winter thrills
heads up, spinning, hosts
for falling flakes
from laden clouds
gently landing on eyelids,
limbs and outstretched tongues
delighting, giggling.
Crystallized rain
unique each piece
as they lay, playing
impressing snow angels
dancing, with boots filled
feet chilled, tended after
with warming stock
they race to redress
nothing left to confess
in winters first touch
on reddened cheeks.
Yowee I so love you guys.

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I want to build a snow fort and have a snowball fight now

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  1. Himedal says:

    In my hometown it wasn’t snowy but where I was, it was so cold and snowy all the time. It was called living in tough situations. I will never like it though. i like the imagery you created with your poem. Soft and lovely. Good job my friend.

  2. the cheese whisperer says:

    Reminds me of the time I cowered in the snow while my father took great pleasure whipping ice-balls at my head.

  3. Elysbeth says:


  4. Scooter_The_Christmas_Squirrel says:

    No such luck for snow in my area so no White Christmas for us. Another well done job you did here. Hugs & hope your Thursday is a good one.

  5. william w says:

    You described them to a tee here—both children and snowflakes, and like each snowflake, your writing is unique—and brings a smile to our faces. The first line is my favorite, and starts the poem out nicely with a clever image. Christmas Eve of the year my Dad passed he and I went to church, we sang Silent Night(his favorite Christmas song) it hadn’t snowed all winter, and when we came out, there were the snowflakes. I’ve never forgot that.It was like God was affirming that everything was right that night—and it was!———–One of your best poems—–william

  6. l?v???ilD non-conditional says:

    *throws snowball at US*


  7. Coop 366 says:

    Ah, to be young and innocent.

  8. Gypsy Heart says:

    Dang Dallas…..dang.

    You captured something special here.

  9. Lizzy™ ®...? says:

    Thank you Dallas… kids have grown, and this poem has brought me back to them as little ones.
    It’s perfect.

  10. ShitHappens. says:

    I Enjoyed it very much, good job : ).

  11. THE BANNIBAL ONE says:

    a good imaginary usual written nicely in a fictitious manner.
    it reads like its real,but 60 degrees,sun,,isn’t winter.Snow may be a memory for my area.
    I love winter,that too has left.

  12. Aquarius35 says:

    Well observed and expressed, this captures the giddy excitement caused by the first snowfall of the winter!
    Nice one.

  13. BG says:

    It’s a picture painted so many times – and has been so since the First first snow.

  14. Andy P says:

    And who was in charge that day, not me.
    It is best to let things unfold naturally.
    You snapped shot nature working in your own work.

  15. Mike H Music Man in New Orleans says:

    Very good and it paints a beautiful verbal picture. I love the imagery you used. Unfortunately we rarely get snow in New Orleans and when we do it is very little and doesn’t last more than a couple of hours.

  16. giveitmybest says:

    Sweet confection ~ Dainty delight!! Purely perfection ~ delectable bite!! Nicely done! : )

  17. Earth Mother says:

    I apologize child in sharing some things you never knew
    as a mother looked from her window
    smiling, tears streaming
    briefly enjoying your time
    then and still. I love you.

  18. Teddy Barrett says:

    Snow is pure in intent. It is a holy occurence. It is close to creation. When it falls all things become silent in awe of its presence. Animals hibernate. Dogs & cats dig tunnels when it gets too deep.
    Each flake is different & unique. Reminds me of the past when I was but a small angel yet to understand why. Silent night, holy night all is calm all is quiet. I like this poem texas snow girl! :)
    Put on your mittens unless you have lost them like three lil kittens.

  19. carey_ball says:


  20. Nick says:


  21. yolirosa says:

    Hi. Lovely piece , another fine poem.