I Have a $1,500 Budget for a New Laptop. Build or Buy?

Question by : I have a ,500 budget for a new laptop. Build or buy?
So my employer is moving servers to the cloud. They are giving me a $ 1,500 budget for a work at home laptop. Now, I love to play video games in my free time, and I do database programing for a living. So I will need a decently powerful laptop. I don’t know how to build a computer, but I have heard that you can build a more powerful computer cheaper than buying a brand name. I know a lot about processors and all the inner workings of a computer so buying good parts will be no problem. Is the fee for someone else to put it together less than the money I will save not buying a brand name?

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Answer by Madhu Perera
I would buy a laptop, and 64-bit if your database programming applications support 64bit :)

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  1. Adam says:

    Build it bro. You’ll save money and you’ll get one hell of a pc, better then pre built crap.

  2. Starrysky says:

    Only companies build laptops. No single person has built one from parts. This is because all parts in a laptop except HD are unique to that brand and possibly that model. Even if you could gather every single part of a laptop to build one, you would spend $ 3K for a nice $ 500 one that you could buy on line or in a store that had a warranty and an OS, and actually works when powered.

  3. einkinuy says:

    With 1500$ , you are in the section of the high end gaming:

    pick the one you like the most
    However, are you sure you want to spend the 1500$ completely?