Is It a Poem or Random Words?and Let Me Know if You Like ?

Question by Bridge golden hand: Is it a poem or random words?and let me know if you like ?
Tonight I have strange feeling

I feel my heart is a sky hosting my emotions stars

Oh I swear…There are no limits to my feelings

I’m head over heels in love

I know I’m living in isolation

Between us storm, clouds, waves , ice and fire

only your eyes and voice I go around looking for

AM I lost in long impossible road!!!

Am I traveling in the ocean of your eyes without any destination!!

But if I had choose

I will choose your love for second time..

Best answer:

Answer by adamrv1
you need some rhythm and repetition in there

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3 Responses to “Is It a Poem or Random Words?and Let Me Know if You Like ?”

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  1. Mandy says:

    I like your poem very much! There are many different types of poems and not all of them have to rhyme. I think you did a very nice job.. (:

  2. Sarah O says:

    I would say it’s a poem- anything can really be a poem. Without a regular rhythm and rhyme it would be considered free verse poetry- a very legitimate form of poetry. You do not need to add any rhythm or anything else if you like it this way.

    I think it sounds good as it is! :)

  3. naomi lily says:

    I agree with adamrv1 but I like the “storm, clouds, waves…” part.