Should I Buy Tickets to Go See This Boxing Card in February? Give Me Your Predictions for Each of These Fights?

Question by th? ?ø?? ?ø?ƒ?: Should I buy tickets to go see this boxing card in February? Give me your predictions for each of these fights?
BQ:] I just found out that Showtime Championship Boxing will be hosting a live
boxing event in my area, there will be three total fights, two I believe are going to
be televised on Showtime Championship Boxing Saturday February 18, 2012 I’m
deciding whether or not to buy tickets for this boxing event, give your predictions
on each of these matches and if that is worth the price of admission. Thank You.

The Main Event 12 Rounds Junior Middleweights
Paul Williams (40-2) 27 KO’s vs. Nobuhiro Ishida (24-6-2) 9 KO’s

Co-Main Event 12 Rounds for the IBF Light Heavyweight Title
Tavoris Cloud (23-0) 19 KO’s vs. Gabriel Campillo (21-3-1) 8 KO’s

Chris Arreloa (34-2) with 29 KO’s vs. TBA (Heavyweight Boxer)

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Best answer:

Answer by P4P
Paul Williams by UD

Tavaris Cloud by KO

Arreola by KO

Would be a pretty good all around fight card to see live, and I’m guessing tickets won’t be nearly as expensive in Corpus Christi as it would be in Vegas. Paul Williams and Chris Arreola will make for some exciting fights, and Cloud is pretty good. I met Arreola a few weeks ago at the event that had Jermain Taylor and Andre Dirrell, he was actually really cool and approachable. I would definitely check it out if I were in the area, not too often you can see 3 good fights on the same card for a reasonable price.

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3 Responses to “Should I Buy Tickets to Go See This Boxing Card in February? Give Me Your Predictions for Each of These Fights?”

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  1. STICK AND MOVE says:

    For sure man, I’d definitely buy tickets to this card. It’s too bad b/c I’ve never been to any live fights before, and I would buy tickets in a second to a card like this if I had the money.

    Like the guy above me said as well, the ticket prices shouldn’t be too bad either b/c it’s not a major fight (but still a really good card).

    All three fights should be really good. Williams isn’t as good as he used to be, but he still throws a lot of punches and Ishida is a decent fighter himself.

    Cloud vs Campillo should be a sick fight. Cloud is a beast, I’d watch that guy fight ANYBODY and I’m glad he’s gonna be on Showtime. Campillo is a good light-heavyweight and pretty exciting. He got robbed pretty bad IMO against Beibut Shumenov a year or two ago in their second fight. I think this will be the best fight on the card.

    Arreola may not have an opponent, but he is exciting no matter what because he has no defense and comes forward non-stop. I like this card and I’ll be excited to watch it on TV, let alone in person.

  2. Alex,one-eyed in the land of the blind. says:

    Paul Williams winner via tko

    Tavoris Cloud winner via tko

    Chris Arreloa winner by ko

    I’m going to give PWILL the benefit of doubt that he will train hard for a KO