Dual anti-trojan engine Kingsoft PC Doctor?

Question by : Dual anti-trojan engine Kingsoft PC Doctor?
Somebody suggested me the kingsoft pc doctor while i trying to get a free registry cleaner. and soon I find out that there is anti-trojan function there.
Kingsoft says they have dual anti-trojan engine with the software, sounds like Kingsoft Cloud security engine and Kingsoft Antivirus V10 engine.
they said one engine is designed at cloud security server and, the other is installed at local computer.

Any one who have experince this kingsoft pc doctor?
wanna some ideas about the anti-trojan function of kingsoft pc doctor.


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Answer by B-Rad
Kingsoft PC Doctor is designed work with your currently installed Computer Security programs so first make sure you are using it along side another Antivirus program. It only runs in ring3 so its not as strong as an AV but works good with AV programs.

As for the engine its still pretty new. Kingsoft PC Doctor has only been released for English speaking people for a few weeks. However their cloud is improving with each user. It ran really light on my machine as I tested it but I only tested it for less then an hour but I plan on doing more testing soon in my free time. It did not detect any malware or have any FP’s on my machine as I used it. It used around 10-20 MB of ram and did not feel heavy.

It uses the Kingsoft 10 AV engine that’s local but it does not hook as deep into your system as I said earlier. The Kingsoft 10 engine is still new. The cloud server does more file lookups and is pretty good from what I read.

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