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Question by : Need help from TECH SAVVY COMPUTER person!?
I have recently been enlisted to design a school newspaper website for my school. It must be very professional and boast a clean user interface. We were hoping to emulate the site inklingsnews.com, but also want to include additional features. Since im not too good at coding and we have little budget, we want to stick to mostly templates. So, what are the things I need and what are some good sites for professional templates. Take money out of the issue, educate me to the best of your ability on what kind of hosting is good, and what I need to make a professional, customizable site with templates. I saw that Inklings News uses cloud flare and some other sites, but im guessing there’s is custom coded. You would be a lifesaver if you could provide me with some info on this stuff and how to make a gorgeous website. Please help, thanks!
Without learning HTML as my time is limited, what is the best way of executing the site?

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Answer by The Future is Fusion
learn HTML.

get a hosting site from godaddy or something

i know microsoft sharepoint workspace can edit websites, but it got removed in the 2010 suite.

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