Q&A: My internet is running weirdly and hardly working, help?

Question by jonB: My internet is running weirdly and hardly working, help?
For the past few days my internet has been running really weirdly.

It’s been running very slowly, keeps freezing, I have to try many times for a website to work. When I click on a website it sometimes diverts me to other random websites. Also I can’t access my emails on Yahoo Mail.

I’ve also been getting numerous pop ups, I tried uploading screen shots on several different image hosting sites but none of them are working it just says ‘Done’ in the bottom left corner of the screen but it won’t upload! The pop ups advertise things like ‘Car Insurance, Aspirin Canadian Pharmacy, Cheap Insurance’ and the other pop up I got when I went on Tiny Pics says ‘Looking for photos?, Your Computer under attack! Download anti virus now!, Free Movies Online at…’

I have run MalwareBytes, Spybot Search and Destroy, Panda Cloud, and Norton 2011 anti-virus programmes. Only Norton detected viruses but even when those were removed the problems persists and has even gotten worse.

Can anyone please help me? I don’t know what to do!

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Answer by Bob
You have a virus of some kind. Try running your scans in safe mode. If that does not work, save all your files to DVDs or an external hard drive, reformat your hardrive and reinstall your OS.

I know it sucks but it’ll fix you right up.

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