Q&A: What Does This Describe? I Am Interested in Your Interpretation.?

Question by perfect_imperfection: what does this describe? i am interested in your interpretation.?
a fine mist, rain.the tears of all the ages of earth. the cry of its destruction. a living organism, inhabited by our pleague. clouds of gentle nature gather to tell this story, told throughout the world.
a re-purification process fails. it old and wise ways, are overcome and defeated by this complex form of cancer that drains its life and eats away. the tears of our mother bring life for yet another day, the tears of our host tell a story of our uncertain eradication. no more pain, but words of lost salvation.

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Answer by will
a birth mayb from a mum with cancer

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4 Responses to “Q&A: What Does This Describe? I Am Interested in Your Interpretation.?”

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  1. cesarsbabygirl says:

    A human being.

  2. Richard O says:

    hmmm gets ya to think I give it a 4/10

  3. Elle says:

    The bond between life and nature

  4. monkey says:

    The tears of Mother Earth. Our world being bombarded with the selfish acts of its inhabitants causing it to weep at the plunder.
    She gave us life and we are reciprocating by destroying her. She tries to purify herself. but our rape of her is continuous and unrelenting.