Still think it’s the Undertaker?

Question by : Still think it’s the Undertaker?
So we now know that the WWE likes to play games… We see shoes get out of a limo, they are high heels, we are expecting a woman, we are most expecting Stephanie McMahon, we know that HHH is set to face Taker at WM… It would only make sense…

Now, the lights are out, the tron is showing strange stormy cloud like patters, the trons around the arena are going out one by one… could it be? A bait and switch? Is this where the rumors of a Sting appearance come true? Could Sting be hosting WM?

IF YA SMELL!!!!!… Wow… though before even tuning in to RAW, my guess was that the host would be The Rock… but there were a few twists and turns… Now, take a look at this… Why would the WWE hype up a Taker return so much?

A good point to pay attention to is that Taker was buried by Kane, a SD star… He wants revenge… he won’t be coming to RAW so why would the promo be aired on RAW, for a Monday date (2-21-11 is next Monday)… It is obviously not Taker… plus, on the video aired last night… there are obviously two superstars pictured. Think about it… How awesome would it be?
Bobby, how much of a jackass are you going to feel like if it is Sting? I am not saying that it DEFINATELY 100% is… I am saying that it is not Taker… or at least not JUST Taker… Don’t be rude.
Why do people who disagree with this feel the need to insult me? It’s completely childish.

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Answer by WeaverOfNightmare™
It could be both Sting and Taker. If you think about it; In the first promo we see a man outside the house. Second promo, the man walks into the house. Third promo, the man(obviously taker) is inside the house, while at the end of the promo, yet another man shows up(pretty much same attire like The Undertaker) Could only mean one person… Sting.

You can clearly see The Undertaker in the window, his chest and half of his face is shown, so obviously one of the two persons is The Undertaker.

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