What do you think of this Idea, Im 18 and going on a business trip !!?

Question by : What do you think of this Idea, Im 18 and going on a business trip !!?
Im 18 and I’m starting my own Social Network, I already have the logo and everything but the problem is that I’m from Amsterdam. And there aren’t any web designers which can do that !!

so I JUST PAID 700 Euro for tickets to LA !! 🙁
I know its a lot, but i have a budget of 2500 Euro, i already bought the domain name website. but without the hosting. so I’m going to LA to meet with a web design company.

I need a social network where people can be members and sign up, plus it needs a video format like youtube my own video format with the logo on it and sound file like the one of sound cloud.

Please tell me what i can hear, I’m afraid to hear big prices. because I’m still a student and i only have 2500 Euro which is 3345 $

Im doing all of this and I’m going for it completely, its like my life hangs out of it and its my dream to make this website. Its a big social network which is going to be a really new hit. And i believe in it.

So, how much would they ask for money, Plus the website is connected to a Dutch domain service, without hosting,
Are the people in LA helpful ?, Maybe i can move it to godaddy.com or any other server.
Should i switch it first to a hosting package or should i wait and see what they will say ?

Im going alone to LA, And I’m staying in my friends garage,
so I’m doing all of this just to reach my goal. So if you won’t motivate me and bring me down please don’t say anything.

Thank You

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Answer by Jo W
It’s great to have goals, but if they are unattainable you’ll create your own disappointment. Trying to set up the sort of project you have in mind is probably going to need a budget of hundreds of thousands, and with no guarantee of success.

Be very clear what you are trying to achieve and then see if anyone else is already doing it…I think Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube might have got there first!

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  1. It’s great that you are thinking about doing business at your age. But be sure that your social network has something different and unique, other than facebook, linkedIn, youtube and twitter.

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