What Impact Would Cloud Computing Have a Big Impact on Society?

Question by NEWTHAWKeinstein: what impact would cloud computing have a big impact on society?
i would just want to know about the implications shifting to this new technology would have on society as whole

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Answer by Doing the Math
easier to infect a large swath of computers instantly

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  1. Tweeter & the MonkeyMan says:

    it is another cyclical change in computing / info storage.

    back in the 1970s, everyone had “dumb terminals” and was hooked to a mainframe where data and processing was done.
    In the 80s-90s, we moved to a decentralized model, where we saw great potential for creativity and individuality by having powerful processors and storage at each of our fingertips.
    Now, shifting back to the cloud, we already use server-side web technologies to look at inventories, check data from remote equipment, and conduct commerce. Instead of a single mainframe, we are using lots of smaller computing hosts.
    By moving our data to the cloud, it swings us back to the old model – everything is on the “mainframe”.. or in the “cloud” , and we just access the processing or data we need .

    There are good and bad points to this..
    Privacy.. obviously, one break-in at a large data warehouse exposes a lot more than a single home computer virus. BUT – how many people really know enough about securing the home computer anyway? Is their data actually safer on a server managed by someone else?

    Ubiquity – now, using a cell phone / tablet / laptop / desktop.. or whatever we come up with next.. we can conceivably do everything that today’s high-end desktops do. We already do some.. email, chat, gaming,document publishing, movie streaming, .. we can save money by not having to upgrade our equipment every couple of years.. but we shift the market to the eventual few successful cloud services providers. We will need to have access from many more places.. and more bandwidth than an old telephone modem can supply.

    Economically – there will be fewer “chokepoints of competition”. Right now, we see only a few real contenders to deliver any real internet services to us. As our need to consume scales up, who will be the real providers, and how much will they charge once they get control of the market?
    Same for software & hardware.. if we don’t need cutting edge phones or desktops, then the Dell / Apple / IBM / Nvidia manufacturers will wither away while cloud providers like EMC, Amazon, Google and Microsoft wrestle for our software (SaaS – software as a service) and data storage business.

    Personally – no more lost phone books, photos, or homework– it is all backed up on the cloud.
    Also, no excuses for lost homework, late taxes, or ” I didn’t see that email”.. it’s all in the cloud.

    In developing nations – now being targeted by the $ 100 laptop foundations.. this is great. Any old laptop or machine can access all the computing power and data storage ever needed. No viruses on our local machines, since we don’t actually need to store any data there.

    power savings – probably in the long run. If we all shut off our computers / laptops instead of running updates and virus scans all night.. we can save a few barrels of oil.

    Waste – we’re just seeing the peak of demand in the US for consumer electronics. We are throwing away just about the same tonnage of electronics as we buy. already most states have started to segregate this waste as ‘hazardous’ – or require some level of recycling. If we don’t need all that hardware in our homes anymore, we would see a short increase in waste, and a decrease over time as we buy smaller devices less frequently.

    I could probably go on.. I think you get my feelings by now.