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Question by : What’s the best server?
I’m interested in starting my own cloud back up business. I was wondering what the best server(s) would be. Not too knowledgable with servers. Best RAM, best processor, etc. if I’m starting out small would a couple terabyte or maybe even more that that be enough storage? Would the backup software be better web based?

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Answer by WireRydr
Do you have a budget already established for your server acquisition? If so then that will be a major influence on your purchase decision.

Other factors that you may want to consider might include:

1. Do you require redundancy? In what areas? Eg. redundant disks in your storage array, multiple network interfaces, multiple servers attached to common storage, etc? This HEAVILY influences price.

2. Capacity. You’ve asked whether a couple of terabytes would be enough. It might be better to first finalize what product offerings / tiers you wish to offer (e.g. different tiers of capacity at different prices). Take a look at what other players in your market are offering in comparison. Then, take a look at how rapidly you’re projecting your client-base will expand. You can better size your storage requirements if you’ve sorted these details out first.

3. If you’re providing “cloud” backup services (and this can mean several things), then will you be virtualizing your own infrastructure? If so, then in addition to costing out any licenses there may be for whatever virtualization platform you go with, you will need to ensure that the hardware you choose is fully compatible and supported (if you buy support) with that virtualization platform.

4. Will you be physically housing and maintaining your server and related infrastructure? Or are you looking at either colocation services (i.e. where you physically locate your server at some datacenter, and pay them a monthly fee to keep it running, keep it connected to the internet, keep power flowing, etc.). Alternatively you could look at hosting services (i.e. you rent resources from a hosting provider – where they’re probably providing you with a virtualized environment to suit your needs).

Bottom-line: There are a lot of questions you want to ask yourself BEFORE you start choosing best RAM, processors, storage, etc. If you’ve already sorted this all out, and if you have a budget, then it might make sense to take a look at places like newegg.com to see what your budget will allow you to buy. Your budget will probably constrain your purchase decisions far more than questions like “what’s the best…?” will.

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