Do people go to heaven after they die or do vermins in them go to clouds after they eat their hosts?

Question by earthbeashen: Do people go to heaven after they die or do vermins in them go to clouds after they eat their hosts?
Question is addressed to people and not religious monsters that eat people. E-mail me at [email protected]
Do we go to heaven after we die?
No, we don’t go to heaven after we die. The bacteria living in us while we are alive and that eat our body after we are dead lay eggs on the floor and use the wind to carry them to the clouds to live as viruses like they have done to us. These bacteria are from the sea since this place is piece of land that rose above the sea level.

We are possessed by tiny creatures that live in the soil and that are invisible to the eyes and worms that live in our intestines that use us as their shells like discarded shells abandoned by conch and that hermit crabs use. The creatures here on the planet can only mimic what they sea and they told us that vermins have used us to wage war for them against each other. They live in our intestines and contaminate us. That is why we are stock in this place. This place is not our place. We are living under the sea and everything is contaminated.
The vermins have turned us into their pods and monsters that eat our own kind and our own species. The animals, flesh and blood types, that are here are here to help this planet be free of vermins. But the vermins entered us and turned us against each other and instead of annihilating them, they use us to annihilate each other. They even made us believe that they are our dead. Our dead people, the air that leave them, are recycled by many insects and they are being held hostage, just like they hold us hostage. These animals are not our dead. If our dead could communicate with us, they would tell us that they are hostages just like we are hostages. The psychics, the mediums, and the palm readers are all possessed by sea insects and bugs and they only talk to each other and not to us people. Bugs communicate only with bugs. Since we are objects for them, they never address us. Flesh and blood, they eat, enslave, and kill, they as entities turned the planet into their own home using us to keep it going for them. That is why they claim to be eternal. People don’t have gods or goddesses. The tiny creatures of the sea that infect mankind have gods and goddesses.

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Answer by Josh S
Yes, we are decomposed by tiny creatures like bacteria and worms, but that doesn’t there is no heaven. Sure it sounds impossible and clearly doesn’t sound logical, but I at least can imagine a place where our spiritual energy can be put to rest, or in other people`s words, I release my soul.

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