New facts – What would be the best computer skills to learn for the future? 10 points?

Question by : New facts – What would be the best computer skills to learn for the future? 10 points?
Hi ! I am a 27yr old MBA student with about 6-9 months of free time.So, I am thinking of learning a computer skill that I will enjoy and might be useful somewhere in future.

Although I have no background in computer science, I have dabbled a bit in javascript and CSS in the past (very superficially, just enough to have fun with greasemonkey and make internet easier to use). I am a software junkie and like to try many different softwares even if they serve the same purpose, Hell I could probably even start a review blog or something. And I surf the internet a lot for tweaks and hacks etc… to make life easier wherever possible.

With this background (probably no background by your standards !), what would you suggest that I should learn ? I am looking to learn something that would be easy to learn and fun. Preferably the skill you mention should not become redundant a few years down the line. It will be better if I can use it somewhere in daily life so that I stay in practise while using it. I want to ideally learn something that would help me in my job as a manager in the future.

I have surfed to internet to narrow down to a few skills and have taken some opinions from people who know stuff. This is the list of things I have ended up with(even I can see that some of the suggestions are pretty stupid). I’d be thankful if you could analyse some of these and let me know your thoughts on this.

1.Java or C#
3.Web design (MySQL and PHP)
5.MS Access and MS Excel
8.Linux (emphatically recommended)
9.Something with security, privacy, anti-hacking, something along those lines
10. Cloud computing, Software As A Service, Platform As A Service

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2 thoughts on “New facts – What would be the best computer skills to learn for the future? 10 points?”

  1. 1. Yeah, Java, but I would go with C++ over C#
    2. Yawn.
    3. PHP seems to very popular these days.
    4. You really do have a lot of time to kill
    5. Excel, yes.
    6.COBOL? You said that you are 27, not 72.
    7. I honestly do not know what that is.
    8. I love Linux, you will too.
    9. Something along those lines, cryptography can be fun or frustrating.
    10. Yawn.

  2. If it is Access or Excel you are interested in learning, has tutorials and online, instructor-led classes for Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Access. All for free. I don’t know which version of Microsoft Office you have but if you visit the website, you can see the tutorials available for 2000 and up. The tutorials will walk you through the basics and also demonstrate some of the more advanced skills. They use instructional text, graphics, videos, examples, interactives and even “Challenges” at the end that encourage hands on learning.

    The online classes are based on the information you can find in the tutorials but it has that feedback that a lot of people like through having an instructor you can work with. The instructor led classes are only in Office 2007 and Office 2010. At the end of the online class, you’ll receive a certificate of completion that you may also use for Continuing Education Units.

    Hope it Helps!

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