Q&A: Music List Running Kinda Short, Need Some Nice Music Recommendations?

Question by : Music list running kinda short, need some nice music recommendations?
I think my music taste is rather unique, and I’ve struggled to find more than a few songs that I really like.

These are a few songs, to give you an idea of what kind of music I enjoy:

For the youtube haters out there, names of the songs listed above:

Jamie T – If you got the money
The Cloud Room – Hey now now
Jack Penate – Torn on the platform
Jupiter One – Fire away

If you know of any music you think I might enjoy, I’d greatly appreciate your answers! Thanks.

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Answer by Noremac
Check out the band RapidFflow. They are really good.


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  1. little big knows says:

    infected mushroom*
    blue foundation
    silversun pickups
    the artic monkeys*
    air traffic
    cage the elephant*
    the future heads*
    the matches

  2. Connor says:

    look up rapidfflow, they are pretty new but VERY good.

    they have stuff on itunes