New facts – What would be the best computer skills to learn for the future? 10 points?

Question by : New facts – What would be the best computer skills to learn for the future? 10 points?
Hi ! I am a 27yr old MBA student with about 6-9 months of free time.So, I am thinking of learning a computer skill that I will enjoy and might be useful somewhere in future.

Although I have no background in computer science, I have dabbled a bit in javascript and CSS in the past (very superficially, just enough to have fun with greasemonkey and make internet easier to use). I am a software junkie and like to try many different softwares even if they serve the same purpose, Hell I could probably even start a review blog or something. And I surf the internet a lot for tweaks and hacks etc… to make life easier wherever possible.

With this background (probably no background by your standards !), what would you suggest that I should learn ? I am looking to learn something that would be easy to learn and fun. Preferably the skill you mention should not become redundant a few years down the line. It will be better if I can use it somewhere in daily life so that I stay in practise while using it. I want to ideally learn something that would help me in my job as a manager in the future.

I have surfed to internet to narrow down to a few skills and have taken some opinions from people who know stuff. This is the list of things I have ended up with(even I can see that some of the suggestions are pretty stupid). I’d be thankful if you could analyse some of these and let me know your thoughts on this.

1.Java or C#
3.Web design (MySQL and PHP)
5.MS Access and MS Excel
8.Linux (emphatically recommended)
9.Something with security, privacy, anti-hacking, something along those lines
10. Cloud computing, Software As A Service, Platform As A Service, Cloud computing

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  1. Blend what you already know.
    More and more, folks are wanting to extinguish information that’s floating around on the ‘Net…legit or otherwise.
    They want their privacy back.
    A low-fee service to scrub out websites of names &/or related data would be a growing field.

  2. Without knowing what you might want to do as your primary profession or industry I can’t be more specific than to suggest the following.

    Do not waste your time on any specific programming language per se. If you can imagine what your MBA should do for your career then the programming skills won’t fit that path unless you want to build a software company or other start-up.

    Choose a platform (PaaS) and learn that. You will be able to build whole applications fast and who know where it will lead. Programming is not the future. Try salseforce, wolfframework or google apps

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