New facts – What would be the best computer skills to learn for the future? 10 points?

Question by : New facts – What would be the best computer skills to learn for the future? 10 points?
Hi ! I am a 27yr old MBA student with about 6-9 months of free time.So, I am thinking of learning a computer skill that I will enjoy and might be useful somewhere in future.

Although I have no background in computer science, I have dabbled a bit in javascript and CSS in the past (very superficially, just enough to have fun with greasemonkey and make internet easier to use). I am a software junkie and like to try many different softwares even if they serve the same purpose, Hell I could probably even start a review blog or something. And I surf the internet a lot for tweaks and hacks etc… to make life easier wherever possible.

With this background (probably no background by your standards !), what would you suggest that I should learn ? I am looking to learn something that would be easy to learn and fun. Preferably the skill you mention should not become redundant a few years down the line. It will be better if I can use it somewhere in daily life so that I stay in practise while using it. I want to ideally learn something that would help me in my job as a manager in the future.

I have surfed to internet to narrow down to a few skills and have taken some opinions from people who know stuff. This is the list of things I have ended up with(even I can see that some of the suggestions are pretty stupid). I’d be thankful if you could analyse some of these and let me know your thoughts on this.

1.Java or C#
3.Web design (MySQL and PHP)
5.MS Access and MS Excel
8.Linux (emphatically recommended)
9.Something with security, privacy, anti-hacking, something along those lines
10. Cloud computing, Software As A Service, Platform As A Service, Cloud computing

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