Q&A: can anyone explain me what is CLOUD COMPUTING?

cloud computing
by Jonathas Rodrigues

Question by : can anyone explain me what is CLOUD COMPUTING?
1. Can anyone explain me what is CLOUD COMPUTING?
2. What are the tools are available?
3. What are all advantages and disadvantages?

Please help me……….

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Answer by Tweeter & the MonkeyMan
Cloud computing – oversimplified..
instead of using only the resources on your personal computer, you leverage the resources of other computers & servers you can access over networks or internetworks.

Tools.. heck, thousands..
open source stuff like rsync (*nix backup) , commercial applications like Microsoft Live Cloud storage, Amazon Music Cloud storage/player, Google sites, Google apps, numerous online backup websites (Carbonite?), and even hosted applications like CitrixGoToMeeting, GoToMyPC, Microsoft Live Office, and Video streaming.

Advantages / disadvantages:
Pro: more storage & computing power without the cost to buy or overhead to maintain it.
easier to upgrade & add-on technology
external tech support to help
available even if your primary computer system(s) go down
Cons: net expenses are more than buying the equipment yourself.
information security can never really be guaranteed; you need to trust a 3rd party.
3rd party may live up to SLA (service -level -agreement) or not..
3rd party may fail backups, be destroyed by floods / fire..
3rd party may go bankrupt or get bought out.
latency.. the info / apps you use are not on your machine, so you have the network lag to deal with.

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