Q&A: what is the best way to increase multiple server performance ?

Question by Benito 911: what is the best way to increase multiple server performance ?
Hi, first of all, sorry for my bad english.
i’m in a school project on how to collaborate multiple servers to handle a single ultra-heavy-process, and i’ll be using linux.

well i’ve been searching for some time, and i found linux virtual server (www.linuxvirtualserver.org), cloud computing on ubuntu server, and some other server virtualization.

but.. as far as i can understand them, they use almost the same method of “load balancing” technique, which is looks like this link


(from the link, if i’ve 3 servers, jobs are divided into 3 servers, like job 1 to server 1, job 2 to server 2, job 3 to server 3)

so.. is there any other way to increase server performance, to be something like this :
if i’ve 3 servers, and each of them has 2 ghz of CPU speed, and 2gb of ram. so i’ll get 1 single super server (as virtual server) with 6 ghz of CPU speed and 6 gb of ram.


plus, i have another question..
1. what OS should i use?, if linux, which distro?, well, free is better..

any helps will be much appreciated…
Thanx !!..

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Answer by pisces_ascendant
I think you posted in hardware, and this is a software / OS question.

As far as hardware goes, upgrade to a SSD and you’ll notice a performance boost. That’s my two cents

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