Physical Anthropology question?

Question by Dami F’sho hates HOES: Physical Anthropology question?
In the article “Sex, Drugs, Disasters, and the Extinction of the Dinosaurs,” Stephen Jay Gould puts forth three explanations that have been given for the demise of the dinosaurs: sex, drugs, and disaster.

Disaster: There is a site in the Yucatan where a large comet hit the earth approximately 65 million year ago. The hypothesis is that as a result of this comet hitting the earth there was the formation of a huge, worldwide dust cloud, which blocked sunlight, suppressed photosynthesis and drastically lowered worldwide temperatures. The resulting changes in temperature and available sunlight caused the dinosaurs and a host of other creatures to go extinct.

What do you think?
Does this constitute a valid scientific hypothesis? Why or Why Not?
Is it a likely explanation for dinosaurs extinction? Why or Why Not?

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Answer by .xty.
That is wild… I mean, I don’t know enough to verbally falsify that idea, but it sounds a little obtuse, don’tcha think? A worldwide dust cloud present long enough to wipe out all of the dinosaurs? Hmm.

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