Physical Anthropology Question?

Question by Dami F’sho hates HOES: Physical Anthropology question?
In the article “Sex, Drugs, Disasters, and the Extinction of the Dinosaurs,” Stephen Jay Gould puts forth three explanations that have been given for the demise of the dinosaurs: sex, drugs, and disaster.

Disaster: There is a site in the Yucatan where a large comet hit the earth approximately 65 million year ago. The hypothesis is that as a result of this comet hitting the earth there was the formation of a huge, worldwide dust cloud, which blocked sunlight, suppressed photosynthesis and drastically lowered worldwide temperatures. The resulting changes in temperature and available sunlight caused the dinosaurs and a host of other creatures to go extinct.

What do you think?
Does this constitute a valid scientific hypothesis? Why or Why Not?
Is it a likely explanation for dinosaurs extinction? Why or Why Not?

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Answer by .xty.
That is wild… I mean, I don’t know enough to verbally falsify that idea, but it sounds a little obtuse, don’tcha think? A worldwide dust cloud present long enough to wipe out all of the dinosaurs? Hmm.

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  1. Jim D says:

    Old Stephen is state-of-the-art in this field on study.

    I doubt he says the main reason was the comet, evidence for which, exists all over the world in the form of the iridium layer.

    Several factors apply such as the preponderance of flowering plants which grew in abundance after the hit. Dinosaurs did not eat flowering plants and coupled with weather changes, wrought by the comet, could not make the adjustment to new conditions.

    Just some thoughts.

  2. pix42 says:

    It makes great sense and if a meteor hit the Earth tomorrow you might start agreeing with it! Did you know that at some point in the past 100,000 years the Black Sea was much smaller than today and was a salt water lake. many people lived around the coasts of the lake but when the Mediterranean Sea encroached through what is now the Straights of Bosphorus and inundated all those people with water a great Flood myth legend grew up and resulted in Noah’s Ark stories in the Bible. Natural catastrophes are nothing unusual in the world.