Q&A: how would athiests explain this?

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Biblical Archeologist Ron Wyatt says that he has found the wheels of the Egyptian chariots under the Red Sea, (where the chariots of Pharaoh ended up according to the Book of Exodus,)proof of the existence of Joseph, Sodom and Gomorrah and more.

Left according to Wyatt and his researchers is one of a number of gold chariot wheels located under the Red Sea.

“They were covered in coral, which made it difficult to see them clearly, but it appears that the coral was the agent the Lord used to preserve them.

They found numerous wheels- some were still on their axles, and some were off. They found chariot cabs without the wheels, also: EXO 14:24 …in the morning watch the LORD looked unto the host of the Egyptians through the pillar of fire and of the cloud, and troubled the host of the Egyptians, 25 And took off their chariot wheels, that they drave them heavily:…

So far, this coincided with the Biblical account. They found several 6-spoked wheels, as well as an 8-spoked wheel. And finally, in 1988, Ron found the 4-spoked gold chariot wheel, which looks almost perfect. The reason this one was so well preserved is that coral does not grow on gold. The wood inside the gold “veneer” was deteriorated, which made it very fragile and for that reason, he has not attempted to retrieve it from the water.

The significance of these wheels is of extreme importance to the dating of the Exodus and determining which dynasty was involved.”
if there were boats wouldn’t they have found boats around the chariot wheels and I would think they would have more than just chariot wheels to trade

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Answer by koko
1) Archaeologists aren’t always right. \
2) Your question is LOOONG, but I read it
3) Wheels don’t prove Exodus, it just proves the existence of a chariot

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  1. So these wheels prove the miraculous and instantaneous parting of the Red Sea?

    That’s not science, it’s religious dogmatization of the worst kind.

  2. Wyatt is a well known fraud for one. He quite conveniently doesn’t have any evidence.

  3. Ahahaha, what?

    So, that boot I caught with my fishing hook a few weeks ago- it was covered in a layer of slime, right?

    Was God preserving it with the slime?

    Because, I mean, everything in that lake is covered in slime.

    He must think lots of things are important like that.

  4. a bunch of ambitious Egyptian soldiers tried to cross the reed sea swamp and got stuck and their chariots got shifted around to deeper parts – ta-da! chariot wheels under water.

  5. If you haven’t studied the onset of Christianity then don’t talk smart about a bit of biblical stuff.
    You could look and see how man-made the early Christianity view was! (1st 300 years)
    That’s what turned me.

  6. 1) Do you have any idea how many boats sank in ancient times? A chariot could have been on any one of those boats

    2) Seeing as you haven’t sited any sources, this is most likely BS.

    3) I love how you believe a guy using science when it proves biblical stories, but ignore it when it disproves anything remotely christian.

  7. Chariots were common place they could have got numerous ways
    Biblical Archaeologist no bias here than !!!!!!!!
    someone could have put them there
    coral is common on alien structures in these seas

    nb -Archaeologist

  8. Just because the bible contains references to real events is no more to the point than the novel I’m reading makes accurate reference to the FBI and SWAT teams, even though much of the rest of the contents are complete fiction, including the most important characters.

  9. “His claims were dismissed by scientists, historians, biblical scholars, and even by leaders in his own Seventh-day Adventist Church”
    The same way as his own church explains it – he made it up.
    I find it hard to believe that the Egyptians had chariots with gold wheels.

  10. Because wheels only have one purpose and chariots can never be transported across seas by boats which can never be sunk.

  11. do you really even know who Ron Wyatt is? he makes movies sells them to people for a crap load of money acting like its the word of God. hes just a guy making a quick buck. second of all how does some ancient wheels in the red see prove anybody’s existence? and who denied these peoples existence in the first place. i dont give a f#@$ % if they exist or not that doesnt prove the existence of God. and last but not least i dont set my beliefs on a single book written a few thousand years ago which says everything has been around for around 4-5 thousand years when we know thats BS. and sorry to say i probably know more about your book “written through God” than you do having gone to a Catholic school pretty much my whole life.

  12. Unless the exact route of the claimed crossing happened, there would be no established correlation between the wheels found and the biblical claims. For all we know, they might have been in a barge that sank in a storm, while most of the organic materials rotted long ago.

    How would it “appear” that coral was an “agent of the Lord”? What cause/effect linkage could confirm that, or even indicate it? I suggest there is none.

    All this is is an archaeological find of wheels, and clues may come for the construction and archaeological context. There is as yet nothing to link it to such biblical claims.

    Is there a link to this? Any evaluation of the evidence by independent reviewers?

  13. Gosh. you know, we’ve also found cars in the ocean, which is proof that the ocean was once a thriving industrialized collection of city states and that the water was deeper underground…which points to a hollow Earth filled with dinosaurs and beautifull scantily clad women. In addition it means that people have been alive for millions of years, before their were oceans on the outside of the Earth. How do theists explain that mankind had cities and roads and cars where we now have oceans before the dinosarus even roamed the Earth (along side Jesus, acting as His steed of course.)?

  14. First your trusting a Biblical Archaeologist. 2nd even theist disagree that it was the Red Sea that was crossed as opposed to the Reed Sea.
    3rd its amazing that a culture with meticulous records like the Egyptians had no records of Hebrews as slaves.
    4th there have been no archaeological evidence of hundreds of people wondering in that desert for 40 years.
    The wheels prove nothing.

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